UTRUST ICO – Launched 2nd November

UTRUST ICO – Launched 2nd November

After launching its ICO on 2nd November, UTRUST has reached technical and operational viability.

UTRUST is the first-of-its-kind blockchain-based digital payment platform that allows its users to make secure payments using any major cryptocurrency. These cryptocurrencies are converted into fiat and sent to whoever the UTRUST user is making the payment to.

Merchants worldwide will have no problems in easily integrate UTRUST into their systems. Customers will pay in multiple cryptocurrencies and merchants will receive fiat instead of cryptocurrencies.

A key feature of the platform is a ground-breaking purchase protection mechanism. By allowing several cryptocurrencies, UTRUST will take out the speculation of deciding how to pay.

UTRUST (UTK) tokens allocated in the ICO will be the primary cryptocurrency of the UTRUST platform, and can be sent, received, and converted to fiat in payments.

More information is available at www.utrust.io

The ICO is ongoing.

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