Insight for measured decisions

Team & Practice

When clients come to Lugna, they find a transaction-focused boutique firm with an international presence that delivers a premium value-added service at a reasonable cost.

Our firm handles cross-border and jurisdiction-specific issues and the team has a deep understanding of the practical, political and social attitudes towards business in Portuguese speaking jurisdictions and is experienced in representing foreign clients.

Lugna’s practice is focused on investment related matters, corporate restructuring, business model optimization, private client advisory and business immigration.

A go-to partner for many deal teams at the outset of cross border transactions and M&A deals, our solid reputation regarding technical aspects and a strict confidentiality policy translated into several international awards for excellence in handling taxation matters.

To assure our clients that their deals crossed the border safely, we continuously monitor the legal and business arena to identify opportunities or challenges and provide prudent and tactical advice to clients.

Above all we know how to communicate effectively and how to translate complex legal and tax terminology into a direct and practical output.

Simply put, we are easy to work with.

Lugna is composed of highly skilled advisors and lawyers, most of whom have previously worked in Big Four firms or in international law firms and are members of the Academia.

We have decades of cumulative experience in the legal and tax industry and rely on a fresh multidisciplinary and bespoke approach to each project. Diversity is part of the firm’s culture in selecting staff and designing workflow processes.

Staff members hold degrees in Law, Management and International Relations and are experts in the fine points of law, finance, accounting and management in two or more jurisdictions. It is a business oriented team that is fluent in a wide variety of languages.

We have the privilege of working with a select group of clients spanning a wide geographic range that continues to grow through our global platform.

Using knowledge that comes from experience, we develop individualized structures for private and corporate (including nonprofit organizations) clients with complex needs, attractive projects and challenging requirements.

Lugna advises governments and tax administrations regarding fiscal policy and tax reforms, covering legislative and administrative issues, while adjusting to the jurisdiction’s cultural context.