Tax Advisory Services

Comprehensive tax optimization and compliance solutions in several jurisdictions.

Tax Planning & Compliance

Lugna advises domestic and international private clients, including entrepreneurs, investors, senior executives and families. The team provides tax advisory services regarding all types of transactions involving Portugal and Portuguese speaking jurisdictions.

Our team is also experienced in helping clients de-offshorize their investments and in avoiding the issues of trading with blacklisted offshore jurisdictions.

For United States of America citizens residing in Portugal: Our team handles Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”) compliance issues.

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Advisory for Family Offices

Protecting the legacy of families in business and catering for the needs of High Net Worth (HNWI) and Ultra High Net Worth (UHNWI) individuals and families is part of our business.

HNWIs are driven by many factors such as family security, education, visa-free schemes programs, tax optimization or lifestyle. Regardless of the reasons of why the client wishes to relocate, providing advice to HNWIs with global mobility requires expertise and contacts in several legal and cultural systems due and the ability to see the bigger picture. This is especially true when there are non-nuclear families involved – as opposed to the traditional family unit consisting of a two adults and children.

Lugna advises several Family Offices on the mapping and tax structuring of wealth, investment on assets and divestment from jurisdictions such as Brazil and Portugal.

Sports and Entertainers

Planning ahead, from a legal and tax standpoint, is key to structure any operation in order to avoid erosion of personal or business assets and to reduce the risks of professional practice.

Lugna advises performers, investors, professionals, corporations and associations regarding the complex tax and legal details related to the Sports & Entertainment industry.

Among others, our services cover the following areas:

  • Sports related tax & estate planning;
  • IP Protection and enforcement;
  • Employment & Immigration;
  • Dispute resolution;
  • Compliance services.

Industry advisory is conducted in partnership with HIT Management.

Fiscal Representation

Lugna provides fiscal representation services for individuals and companies.

The appointment of a fiscal representative is mandatory for non-resident, non-EU, individuals that receive Portuguese source income or need to request a non-resident Portuguese taxpayer number (such as real estate owners in Portugal).

A fiscal representative will deal with all tax compliance obligations within the deadlines and provides a domicile for tax purposes.

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Gift and Estate/Inheritance tax

Our team is able to provide a sustainable tax strategy that will help you avoid excessive transaction and management costs.

Our expertise covers:

  • Structuring your estate in order to decrease your personal income tax liability;
  • Providing advice on family gifts;
  • Providing advice on asset holding & management;
  • Trusts;
  • Tax structuring on asset acquisition and sale;
  • Advice on shareholder agreements.