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Golden Visa

Since 2012, non-EU and non-EEA nationals may apply for the Golden Visa, a residence permit granted to individuals that conduct specific types of investment activities in Portugal.


Immediate benefits

Visa holders may reside in Portugal as long as they wish and move within the Schengen area (and other territories with open borders within Europe).

Flexibility is part of the appeal of this residency scheme. Visa holders are required to stay in Portugal for as few as 7 days per year during the first year and as few as 14 days in the following two-year periods – 35 days in a five-year period.


Long term benefits

In addition to the right to reside in Portugal for the applicant and freedom of movement within the Schengen area, the Golden Visa grants the right to family regrouping, the possibility to request a permanent residence permit in Portugal after 5 years and does not constitute an obstacle to apply for Portuguese citizenship (further requirements must be met) after 6 years.


Eligible investments

Foreign citizens are entitled to conduct the said investment activities either individually or through a company.


Eligible investment activities are as follows:

    1. Bank deposit or investment into financial products valued in excess of 1 million Euros; or
    2. Setting up a business and employing 10 individuals; or
    3. Acquisition of real estate worth at least 500,000 Euros; or
    4. The acquisition of a real estate for a minimum purchase price of 350,000 Euros, if the property is at least 30 years old or is located within an urban regeneration are and the acquirer refurbishes it; or
    5. The transfer of capital in the minimum amount of 250,000 Euros, for the purposes of investing in or supporting art production or the restoration and maintenance of national cultural heritage, through services carried out by a range of public or private entities or the transfer of capital in the minimum amount of 350,000 Euros for scientific research purposes; or
    6. The transfer of capital amounting to at least 500,000 Euros for the acquisition of shares in investment or venture capital funds aimed at the capitalization of small and medium-sized companies.


Please note that investment thresholds (except for the type of investment mentioned in 1) are reduced by 20% if the investment is conducted in a low-density area (i.e. areas with fewer than 100 inhabitants per square kilometer or the gross domestic income per capita is lower than 75% of the national average).


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Frequently asked questions

Am I entitled to any tax incentives if I move to Portugal?

Yes. As a rule, a Golden Visa applicant will qualify for the special income tax regime for inbounds, which grants extensive tax benefits during a 10 year period.

This special regime provides tax exemptions for several types of foreign income. The taxation of income derived from high value added activities is capped at 20%.

More information is available on our Non Habitual Residency page.


Am I required to permanently reside in Portugal?



Portugal allows applicants to keep their original passports?

Yes, Portugal allows dual citizenship and applicants are not required to renounce to a prior citizenship. Golden Visa holders may use a passport of their choosing.


Do my children need to apply for a separate Golden Visa?

No, if proof that dependents are still studying.


Can they be enrolled in a Portuguese school?



Am I entitled to enjoy free health care services in Portugal?

Yes, Golden Visa holders are entitled to enjoy the same level of health care standards as any other resident.


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