Dynamic precision in advisory

Age-old values
with a fresh approach

We provide a partner-led service that is both personal and cost-effective.

Lugna adopts a complete and update information policy and always sets out in advance the basis upon which fees are charged, the scope and nature of work and invites the client to agree to it in writing.

Although voluntarily, our staff follows the Chartered Institute of Taxation’s* Professional Rules and Practice Guidelines on integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality and professional behavior.

*The CIOT is the leading professional body in the United Kingdom for advisers dealing with all aspects of taxation.

Most of Lugna’s new clients are recommended by past clients. Nevertheless, all clients must comply with enhanced KYC procedures to determine if a potential client is an acceptable client.

Lugna will decline undertaking any work if a Partner believes that the team is unable to meet the required duty of care, if there is a potential conflict of interests or if the client withholds information.

Client Integrity
and Acceptance

Our clients include individuals, private and public enterprises, governmental agencies and non-profit organizations at all stages of the business life cycle. Team members travel extensively to meet our clients in order to not only solidify our trust relationship with our clients but to also implement the solutions designed at the office.

As a transactional firm, Lugna has an ongoing commitment to enhancing the quality of its advisory and professional reputation. We conduct conflict checks at the beginning of each project to avoid conflict of interests and comply with Anti Money Laundering regulations.
Clients must comply with Client acceptance and continuance procedures, including providing complete, relevant and updated information on all aspects of a project.

We have a strict confidentiality policy. Discretion and good judgment have earned us the trust of our clients.