Lugna launches new practice areas

Lugna launches new practice areas

Lugna has expanded its services and incorporated new teams into the Lisbon office.


Initial Coin Offering Advisory

New areas of law develop quickly these days, presenting unique legal and business challenges.

Cryptocurrencies are a subset of alternative currencies (digital currencies). Cryptocurrencies and digital assets are built on blockchain technology.

Due to creation of this new emerging asset class, new opportunities have been created for FinTech or traditional corporations. To meet a growing demand for advice on this area, Lugna has created a department to advise on Initial Coin Offerings and other cryptocurrency related issues.

Lugna can identify risks and opportunities for Initial Coin Offerings and has multi-jurisdictional understanding of this tokenized ecosystem.

For more information, visit our ICO Advisory page.


Data Protection & Privacy

On the other hand, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now a concern for all companies due to a direct impact on their organizational framework. European Union regulations will soon trigger additional compliance obligations for companies with E.U. clients.

Our team is prepared to assist your enterprise by identifying and minimising the privacy risks of new projects or policies. Our experts can design compliant solutions from scratch or implement adjustments to ongoing organizations.

For more information, visit our Data Protection page.

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