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Lugna provides expert advice to structure real estate transactions in Portugal and other Portuguese speaking jurisdictions.

We are experienced in creating bespoke solutions to international investors. Also, our team has a high level of expertise to assist you on any matters related to the evaluation of properties.

Our clients invest into real estate as a core asset or as an alternative investment strategy. In any case, real estate is a preferred option for investors seeking steady income.

Our team provides guidance on portfolio acquisitions, M&A and share deals, restructurings, acquisitions, leases and divestment deals.

In addition to handling routine issues in real estate matters, we provide guided assistance through all phases of complex transactions or projects, including financing, taxation, regulations, profitability and liability protection.

Lugna conducts all the necessary due diligence work and also designs governance rules for property development projects in joint venture scenarios, advising on risk and reward splitting agreements between investors of several countries.

We are experienced in creating bespoke solutions for international investors that want to invest in Portuguese or Brazilian real estate.