Online businesses & FinTech

At the crossroads of Technology, Commerce and Finance

Online & Worldwide

Lugna is able to conduct complex cross-media work and advise on all aspects of intellectual property, e-commerce, tax, commercial contracts and all matters relevant for inventive, technology based and brand aware businesses.

The firm provides clients a deep knowledge of the ever-changing demands of online businesses and assists with strategic commercial issues, across several industries.

Our team has assisted in both the structuring of on-line businesses from scratch and also advised brick-and-mortar retail businesses in setting up online business in a tax efficient manner.

Our team also helps authors, artists and athletes handle all intellectual property and image rights related issues.


Finance & Technology innovators are reinventing financial services and we have developed the expertise to ensure our clients a clear competitive edge.

Lugna offers deep understanding of the FinTech industry and advises on the Legal & Tax aspects of products such as peer-to-peer lending, e-commerce and online transactions, encryption, Initial Coin Offerings (ICO), cryptocurrency/blockchain, intellectual property and payment platforms.

Lugna has technical understanding of the technologies that are fundamental to our client’s business models.

Only this way can we be part of dedicated cross-disciplinary teams responsible for managing the legal and regulatory impact of cryptocurrency, apps and software under development.