ICO Advisory

Funding based on community momentum

New ways to fund your projects

The purpose of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or Token Generating Event (TGE) is to raise money from the public using blockchain technology.

Despite technological development, laws and regulations cannot be disrupted. Because money is being raised from the public, an ICO requires advisory on several aspects, legal included.

Despite not being specifically regulated in most jurisdictions, an ICO must stay within the legal framework applicable to similar realities and comply with rules from adjacent areas such as Banking, Tax, Money Laundering and Securities law.

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Investing in ICOs

Venture Capital, Institutional and Private investors traditionally have different goals and strategies when investing in an ICO.

Lugna is a firm with blockchain experience that advised on several cryptocurrency based projects. We give practical and strategic advice to investors of all sizes in this new type of asset class.

We provide structuring, due diligence and contract/document review services in order to avoid red-flags and pitfalls in cryptocurrency related investments or joint ventures.

Optimization of an ICO

Regulations are not uniform worldwide. Enterprises looking to launch an ICO should be aware of each jurisdictions rules and requirements.

Lugna’s global footprint enables enterprises to tap into a comprehensive network of advisors and lawyers.

We offer a wide range of pre and post ICO services drawing on our strategic relationships to design fully compliant and successful ICOs.

  • Regulatory assessment, legal and regulatory structuring
  • Corporate services
  • Design compliance frameworks and processes
  • Relocation and immigration services for staff
  • Tax advisory and compliance
  • Data protection and data security advisory
  • Licensing and procurement agreements